While North Midlands Credit Union works extremely hard to prevent fraud, it’s also the responsibility of all members to remain vigilant, be aware and stay informed. Educate yourself on how to stay safe online and offline.
If you have any queries on this information, please contact us immediately.

If you are suspicious of transactions or activity relating to your debit card, please immediately phone our Credit Union Card Services Team on (01) 693 3333.

Please do not ignore any security alerts that you may receive from 'CU ACCOUNT'.

Be informed. Be alert. Be secure
Fraud Aware

Most recent and common scams:

  • An Post – Custom charges
  • UPS/DPD Shipping Update
  • Gov.ie Discount messages
  • eFlow fines/ updates
  • Revenue.ie updates

North Midlands Credit Union will never:

  • Ask you to transfer money out of your account to protect yourself from fraud.
  • Ask you to share your full online banking login details.
  • Send you an email with a direct link to your latest e-Statement.
  • Ask you to click a link in an email with an urgent warning about suspicious activity on your account.

Please Note:

Should you receive a SECURITY ALERT from ‘CU ACCOUNT’ regarding an authorisation to use Google Pay, Apple Pay or FitBit Pay that you DO NOT recognize, please act on this alert accordingly. DO NOT IGNORE.
If you are ever in doubt, contact your financial institution immediately or call the Credit Union Card Services Team on (01) 693 3333
Types of Scams

Phishing, Vishing, and Smishing

Phishing: Uses fake emails that look like they came from a legitimate source—such as your credit union. A Fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and Debit Card details by disguising oneself as a trustworthy representative of a company or organisation in an electronic communication. Do not action these emails – just delete them.
Vishing: A fraudster can phone you, claiming to be from your Credit Union, bank, the Gardaí, Revenue or a service provider such as a telephone company, internet provider or computer company. They trick you into believing they are a legitimate representative of the organisation and that it is in your interest to give the information they ask for such as your personal financial credentials such as one time passcodes required for 3D secure transactions and setting up your smart phone with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Fitbit pay. We recommend hanging up immediately. When in doubt, always contact NMCU.
Smishing: This is exactly like phishing. It is an attempt to solicit your personal information – only the channel is via text messaging. Text messages sent to random phone numbers requesting you to click on an attached ‘link’ to ‘update’ ‘verify’ or ‘activate’ your personal details on your account. Do not action these messages – just delete.
Online Shopping Safeguards
  • Exercise caution when buying or selling items online by ensuring you are protecting your personal information.
  • Research as much as you can about the retailer before you purchase anything from them. Use online stores that your friends and colleagues have used successfully or ones that you have heard about through trusted sources.
  • Avoid deceptive websites when purchasing online. Copycat sites often pose as legitimate entities but are set up to take your personal information. Research the website and reviews via google, boards & social media.
  • Never Disclose personal details such as account, online or PIN numbers in response to an email, phone call or letter claiming to be from your Credit Union. Financial institutions will NEVER request you to disclose your full passwords or PIN.
  • Ensure that when you are shopping or making a payment online, that your internet access is secure.
  • The beginning of the website address should change from ‘http’ to ‘https’ before a purchase is made. This indicates that you are using a secure connection.
Online shopping can be a hotspot for fraud, but arming yourself with knowledge can make a significant difference. Watch out for these red flags:
  1. Copycat Websites: Be cautious of websites posing as legitimate entities.
  2. Pop-up Prizes or Virus Claims: Avoid sites with pop-ups claiming you have won a prize or have a virus.
  3. Missing Encryption Certificates: Ensure websites have a padlock sign and proper encryption certificates.
  4. Too-Good-to-Be-True Deals: Stay away from sites offering unrealistic discounts or deals.
  5. Lack of Reviews: Be wary of websites without customer reviews or feedback.
Should you receive a SECURITY ALERT from ‘CU ACCOUNT’ regarding an authorisation to use Google Pay, Apple Pay or FitBit Pay that you DO NOT recognize, please act on this alert accordingly. DO NOT IGNORE.
With North Midlands Credit Union, you can keep your finances safe and reduce risk with help from a trusted partner in your financial well-being. For more information about preventing fraud, fraud protection, credit fraud protection, and card fraud protection services from North Midlands Credit Union, visit one of our six branches in Castlepollard, Kinnegad, Rochfortbridge, Lanesboro, or Longord, or give us a call today.
You can also visit FraudSmart.ie for updates.

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