Top Travel Tips

Holidays are a time to wind down & relax. We want to make sure your holiday is memorable for all the right reasons! Take note of our Top Travel Tips to protect your debit card & current account.

Tip #1

Keep your debit card in a secure place at all times. Always keep an eye on your wallet/purse. Don’t keep your card in the back of your phone, where it could fall out or be stolen.

Tip #2

Always keep your debit card in sight while paying for goods/services.

Tip #3

Take care to shield your PIN & never keep it written down or stored anywhere it can be found. Be vigilant when using ATMs.

Tip #4

Ensure we have your current contact details before you travel. It’s vital we have the correct mobile number for you, in order to verify your transactions. Your card could be suspended if we can’t confirm that YOU are using it.

Tip #5

Save our card services contact number in your phone. In case of emergency, such as needing to block your card if it is lost/stolen +353 1 693 33 33.

Tip #6

Have a backup plan. You can set up Apple Pay, Google Pay or Fitbit Pay. If you leave your wallet in your hotel room/apartment this can be a handy backup. You should also consider having another card as a backup, if you have one, while abroad.

Tip #7

Your card’s expiry date! Debit Cards will work for the full Month that it is due to expire. Replacement cards are dispatched at least 2 weeks before the expiry of an existing card.

Tip #8

If you are using our app or online banking while abroad, ensure nobody is watching you over your shoulder or in any other way. Always shield your online banking PIN. Don’t use free/public Wi-Fi when accessing your account online.

Tip #9

Don’t let your guard down. Stay vigilant and be mindful of fraudulent text messages or email abroad, as you would at home. Fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated every day and we all need to remain suspicious.


Please Note: There is also a full list of Sanctioned, High and Medium Risk countries noted in the Current Account Procedural Manual Section 3.9 for members using their Debit Card abroad.

Debit Card Usage Abroad

Debit Cards can be used worldwide where the Mastercard Logo is displayed with the exception of the countries detailed below:

High Risk Countries

The following countries are deemed high risk. A member can carry our occasional transactions in the below countries. Credit Unions are obliged to complete enhanced monitoring on all transactions emanating from these High Risk Countries.

Medium – High Risk Countries


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