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North Midlands Credit Union offers a range of financial services to make it easier than ever to manage your money.

It can be difficult to save, but we recommend that you consider developing a good budgeting and savings habit. Save a little often and you will be surprised at how quickly the benefits add up! Whether a special occasion is looming or to simply create a rainy-day fund start saving with North Midlands Credit Union.

If you are not a member already, why not think about joining today?


Your wages can be paid directly into your credit union account. Provide your employer with your credit union IBAN & BIC to transfer your wages into your account.

Pensions & State Benefits

Have your pension, social welfare payments and benefits paid directly into your credit union account.

Credit Transfers

You can save by setting up a regular Standing Order from your bank account. Transfer money as you please if you do not want to commit to a regular payment option.

Debit Card Payments

You can save by debit card payment. We accept all Mastercard & Visa debit cards and visa electron cards. This can be done online, over the phone or at the counter.

Direct Debits

You can save by setting up a regular direct debit from your bank account. This can be set up in any of our branches.

Payroll Deduction

You can save by deducting funds directly from your wages/salary into your Credit Union account. Check with your employer to see if they facilitate this scheme.

For new members joining on or after Monday 19th December 2022, the maximum amount that they can hold in their account will be €20,000.

Members’ savings are covered by the State Deposit Guarantee Scheme which guarantees savings of up to €100,000.00 per person. Find out more on the Depositor Information Sheet available from our Downloads section.

• Deposit interest retention tax (DIRT) is automatically deducted from dividend and interest earned on savings in the CU.
• The liability to tax applies only to dividends and interest received from the CU and not on actual savings.
• DIRT is applicable to all accounts including those of children.

Exemptions apply:
- In the case of a member who is over the age of 65 (or whose spouse is over the age of 65) and whose gross income is less than the relevant annual exemption limit. An application must be made to the CU using a Revenue declaration form (DE1).
- In the case where a member or their spouse is permanently incapacitated. You must apply directly to the Revenue Commissioners who, on approval, will notify the CU.

How to open a savings account with NMCU

How To Join

We want you to be a part of North Midlands Credit Union so if you live, work, or attend school within the common bond, or live with a relative that is already a member, you can join today!

Please note: North Midlands Credit Union Ltd operates a savings cap of €100,000 per member: this limit applies on a cumulative basis across all of your balances with the credit union.

If you would like more information on saving with North Midlands Credit Union please contact us today.

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